In these times of digitization, how do we look at paper?

Be it in the form of Post-It notes, paper bags or printed A4 pages, paper is still very much in use.

In 2017, almost 8 million tonnes of paper were manufactured, of which half was used as packaging material and one quarter in the graphical industry.

Paper is often treated with a lot of prejudice. It is often regarded as the primary cause of deforestation. However, this is untrue, the main reason for deforestation is agricultural or as grazing ground for livestock. Actually, the paper industry is one of the principal agents of reforestation.

Another argument we often hear is that an email pollutes less than a paper mail. This is also not correct. Paper is eco-friendly while emails consume quite a lot of energy. An email is thought of as immaterial. However, emails are handled and kept on servers, which consume considerable amounts of energy. If we look further and consider the building of servers, this not only consumes energy but also uses a lot of rare earth materials, which is currently considered an ecological disaster.

After taking the above facts into consideration, we must conclude that paper is actually the least polluting means of communication.

Paper is also an excellent example of circular economy. The finished product is also the basis for the start of the reuse in the form of recycled paper.

Print4Student mainly uses FSC paper.

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international non-profit organisation that was created in 1993 by forest owners, the wood and paper industry as well as social and ecological organisations.

FSC aims to promote a sustainable forest management all over the world, handling strict standards on various levels, environmental, social and economic.

In choosing wood- or paper-based products with an FSC label, you contribute to a sensible and responsible usage of the worlds' forests.


Print4Student also collaborates with a company that recycles paper cuttings and surplus as well as packaging materials.

So don’t worry and print your syllabus and notes. We take care of the ecological aspect.