Vision and privacy policy

Introduction: Personal data protection policy at Print4Student.

To Print4Student, protection of personal data of natural persons is an important part of our vision and furthermore it is the law (General Data Protection Regulation (25/05/2018)

In this policy we would like to explain in which way we protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons as well as collaborators (data subjects), when we treat personal data, either on paper or in a digital context.

We pay special attention to the processing of personal data that contains sensitive information (financial, health, biometric, …). We will take specific technical and organizational measures to provide optimal security.

Data Protection: objectives

Delivering quality products and services is a top priority for Print4Student. An important aspect is the processing of personal data. We want to ensure the protection of rights and freedoms of every concerned data subject and this policy formalizes these objectives

In concrete terms, we pursue the following objectives:

  • Print4Student is transparent about the personal data it processes and the processing objective, both to the data subject and to the supervisor. The communication is honest, easily accessible and understandable. The transparency principle also applies should the personal data is repurposed.
  • Print4Student only processes data that is relevant to the performance of its tasks. Every task in which personal data is processed is lawful. This means, among other things, that the processing complies with the legal and statutory objectives of Print4Student. Each new processing activity leads to a re-evaluation relevancy and legality.
  • Print4Student only processes the personal data that is strictly necessary for the execution of the activities.
  • Print4Student monitors the integrity of the personal data during the entire processing cycle (correctness of information)
  • Print4Student does not store data longer than strictly necessary. The retention period is either defined by legal obligations or is imposed by the data controller.
  • Print4Student uses Information security, data protection by design and by default to minimize the chances of a security breach. Possible data leaks are reported in line with the relevant regulations. (processing registry and incident registry)
  • Print4Student will execute on demand all applicable rights of a data subject, such as the right of access, copy and possibly also erasure (the right to be “forgotten”). 
  • Print4Student ensures that when processing the personal data for a specific purpose, the rights and freedoms (e.g. right of portability) of the data subject are safeguarded.
  • Print4Student processes data in line with the rights and freedoms that apply in the European Economic Area and checks its application when the data is exchanged outside of it. Print4Student consequently complies with all legal and normative frameworks (i.e., Flemish, Federal and European rules) when processing personal data and to this end has clearly identified its responsibility for personal data. Print4Student also monitors and applies the codes of conduct applicable in the sector.
  • Print4Student can demonstrate that it complies with all policy objectives, in accordance with the legal provisions. This accountability is monitored by internal supervision.